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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Painter in Long Beach, CA

Revamp your Long Beach home with a professional painting job!

No home improvement project is complete without a quality painting job. SoCal Painting Done Right Inc. is here to help homeowners in Long Beach upgrade their homes with affordable and high-quality painting services.

Every SoCal painter in Long Beach is passionate about helping customers achieve their home improvement goals. From picking a color to securing the painting area, our professionals dedicate themselves to ensuring outstanding results with even better customer service. Call our team at (562) 253-9723 to get a free quote today!

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Professional Painting Projects without Breaking the Bank

One of the main benefits of hiring a professional painter in Long Beach is getting a professional paint job without the expensive price tag.

Contrary to popular belief, hiring an expert painter for interior and exterior projects saves you both time and money. Instead of making multiple trips to the store to find the right painting supplies, your professional painter will bring all the necessary tools to you. Not only do you get to avoid gathering supplies, but you also get longer-lasting results without the hassle.


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Professional Painting Services

SoCal Painting Done Right Inc. offers a wide range of professional painting services in Long Beach, CA.

Interior Services

Whether you want to revamp your kitchen or paint a bedroom, SoCal painters are ready to help. Our interior services include more than quality paints.

For interior services, we use plastic coverings to secure the area and protect furniture and floors from paint. The time it takes to complete and the interior project will vary depending on the type and size of the project.

interior room with wooden details
exterior painting after

Exterior Services

Both homes and commercial buildings can benefit from a fresh exterior paint job. The outside of your home or building is the first thing people notice upon arrival. Upgrading your entrance can create a more welcoming and stylish appearance.

SoCal Painting Done Right Inc. offers several exterior painting services to meet the needs of every customer, such as:

The Professional Painting Process

The Meet and Greet

Your SoCal painter in Long Beach will begin the painting process by meeting with you and discussing options. From picking paint colors to deciding on the right finish, your painter will work with you to create a customized painting plan.

The Prep

Before painting, we prepare the surface by filling in unwanted holes and smoothing out the designated painting area.

The Paint

After smoothing out the surface and securing the area with plastic coverings, we apply high-quality paint and primer with a professional touch.

The Reveal

Finally, we clean the area and show off the final product.

Professional Painters in Long Beach

When looking for a professional painter in Long Beach, reach out to SoCal Painting Done Right Inc. Our experts are passionate about helping Long Beach customers achieve their home renovations goals through high-quality paint jobs and exceptional customer service

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